January 25, 2018


Topographic Surveys – Topographical surveying is essentially creating an up to date three dimensional map of an area and can include features both above and below the ground. Topographical surveys build the foundation for future design and are heavily relied upon by Architects, Engineers, and Landscape Architects. 

Building Setout’s & Location Certificate’s – It is common practice for councils to require a building location certificate from a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor to certify the position and height of new buildings. We recommend to our clients that we set out the location of new buildings to ensure there are no compliance issues.

Building Verticality & Floor Levels – We can provide accurate floor level and verticality information to assist with construction or analysis of buildings.

As Built & Volume Surveys – Myall & Co offers a wide range of engineering surveying this includes but is not limited to as built surveys of roads and services and volume surveys for earthworks.