January 25, 2018

Residential Subdivisions

From individual sections to large scale developments Myall & Co offer expert advice and project management to ensure your subdivision is completed on time & budget from initial project feasibility to new certificates of title with no surprises.

Fee Simple Subdivision – Urban or Rural. Big or Small. Our experienced surveyors can guide you through the process of subdividing your property into multiple fee simple lots. Your first question mostly likely is “Can I subdivide?” Get in touch with our team and they will be able to quickly determine what you are able to do. We will also provide you with a full breakdown of what is involved ensuring that there are no unexpected “surprises” later down the track.

Boundary Adjustment – A boundary adjustment is a development where there are the same number of certificate of titles at the start and at the end. It is an efficient way to exchange land with your neighbour or rationalise your property boundaries.

Unit Title Development – A unit title development in basic terms is a subdivision of multiple units into individual titles, this often includes areas that are shared by the unit owners called common property and requires the creation of a body corporate to manage these areas.

Cross Lease Rectification or Conversion to Fee Simple – Do you have a Cross Lease Title that requires updating due to an extension or new garage? Myall & Co can help step you through this process. It is often beneficial to convert your Cross-Lease property into a Fee Simple Title. We can provide you with a fee proposal for both options and offer expert advice to get the best outcome for your budget.

Re – definition Survey or Monumentation – Do you need help identifying the exact location of your boundary? Whether it be for fencing or to settle a dispute our team can come to site and place or locate pegs at your property boundaries.

Subdivision Feasibility Report – If you are considering purchasing a property for development or already own a property you are thinking about subdividing but not sure about the costs or risks involved a feasibility report is money well spent. The report will outline costs, risks, timeframes, potential issues, likely revenue, and project profit return. It will include scheme plan options and a full block evaluation of the property. For an example click here.