January 25, 2018

Civil Engineering

Roading & Accessway Design – Safe and practical access is instrumental in the success of all land development. Roading and site access is often the first stage of detailed design for most projects and governs the location of all other essential services such as water, sewer, stormwater, power, & telecommunications. Our engineers can provide a range of roading options specific to each project including roading for new residential developments, accessways, hillside access, turning areas, cul de sacs, right of ways, and intersections. We can also apply to Council for new vehicle crossings and common accessways. 

Stormwater – Stormwater design is a critical component to all land development projects ranging from small two lot residential subdivisions to large scale subdivisions of several hundred allotments. Myall & Co have the skill set and expertise to design and supervise the construction of the required stormwater management systems for each unique project. Depending on the location of the site, the size of the development, and the underlying geology of the site location, the stormwater management systems may include attenuation and treatment via wet ponds, wetlands, dry basins, soakage pits, and a series of underground pipes or swales to convey the stormwater discharge. For most developments hydraulic analysis of the catchment is undertaken in order to correctly size the stormwater treatment facility required.

Wastewater Reticulation – Myall & Co’s engineers have the expertise to design the wastewater system for your development whether it has reticulated sewerage to the public treatment facility or requires an on-site solution. We also have specialist in house expertise for sewer pump station design and future planning for residential developments.

Water Supply – Water reticulation design is essential to provide each new residential property or development site with potable water for general use. However, our design is largely based on New Zealand Fire Fighting requirements (SNZ PAS 4509:2008) to ensure adequate water pressure and capacity is available in the event of emergencies. We work closely with Council engineers during the design phase and have the in house expertise to design the water reticulation network for any size of development

Earthwork Modelling & Quantities – Myall & Co ustilise the latest in modern software for three-dimensional modelling packages which provide quick and efficient design and analysis of cut to fill quantities for overall site earthwork design. The volume of earthworks can be a significant component of the project cost and maintaining a cut to fill balance provided through good design can save the developer costs.

Project Management & Contract Administration – From small two lot subdivisions to large scale residential/commercial developments Myall & Co can project manage from project conception to final sign off. Our surveyors and engineers work closely with contractors, sub-consultants, and Council to manage project timelines, budgets, and ensure any obstacles are dealt with immediately and mitigated. Communication is key to our success and working with pre-approved contractors and sub-consultants removes much of the risk from the project.

We act as Engineer to the Contract under NZS 3910 and often undertake daily inspections of the development site to track progress, check the quality of materials and construction, and monitor health and safety on site.

Our Contract Administration includes preparations of the contract and specifications. Putting the project out to tender and contract negotiations. Weekly site meetings and monthly payment certificates are managed by our team.